The poet in me has awakened lately..
I use this iconic birthday cupcake image all the time with just anybody whose having a birthday but this is the first time it’s coming with a personalised poem.. Sandeep is a great writer and poet himself so this was apt as this brother is just.. getting old..

“Another birthday yet another year
May you have problems that disappear
May you be given continuous health
I must add some great loads of wealth

May you have God close by your side
Should all the enemies run and hide
Friends who are loyal and family you love
Each and everyone blessed from above

The successes and happiness you shall make
Be sweet and whimsical like this cupcake
Happy birthday to a very good brother
Let’s celebrate after this pandemic is over

A birthday feast at home has its merits
Wear nice pajamas and enjoy some spirits
While we are still grateful for our age
Standby a good magnum to turn the page

I’m trying to finish this birthday rhyme
Full of well wishes during breakfast time
Although the poet in me is on the roll
I do believe this poem is now whole..”


by Poesy

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