Almost a year ago – I committed myself to a godly transformation.. and wow, it has been quite a journey!

After a good 15 years away from the keyboard, I heard the call to start writing again. My trusty habit of journaling never failed me all those years of self-development. It is time for some internal reengineering of the way I might lead my life moving forward.

The Rooftop Cat has high aspirations and frequently spends time aiming for the moon, and not just any moon, it has to be the full moon!

The work never ends.

Each human being is a work in progress.

I learnt that if we remain in the same place as before, we are actually going backwards. In order to be in a good stead, we have to keep moving, and the direction is forward. So in whatever you do, you inch your way forward. Even if it was a millimeter, it is still a movement more necessary than no movement at all.
Some people move fast, and they kick themselves. They feel urgent about gaining grounds, they want to arrive before it is time – that’s me. I want to go at supersonic speed. If I was a mode of transportation, I want to drive like an Aston Martin.
Some people need to be kicked, and they don’t enjoy the process of forward movement. They are always last, so they will be late – I find that a tad too lazy to be competent. If there was such a mode of transportation, it would be a cart pulled by a stubborn ox unwilling to do any work.
If you want to survive, you have to move – to float, to swim, to remove the dead weight that can drown you.

The only way is forward. Remember that.

Here is my old favorite song with today’s message by Bing Crosby.👇🏻




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