Prayer Journal


Dear Heavenly Father!

You are the Almighty God. Thank You so very very much for showing up in my life daily, and also showing up in the life of those I have been fervently praying for. My days are filled with miracles, when I open my eyes to see. You have just been so kind to me. Everyone You placed in my path are of you. The people You removed from my life probably has their own journey with You. Somehow it has worked out, despite how painful it was when things went unimaginably wrong.

Since I returned to You, it has been 5 months, I have been trying to recalibrate myself. What is my identity in Christ going to look like? I believe I am going to take 2 years to find out, and develop my spiritual mettle. It would be a tragedy to flip overnight and start behave like a born again hallelujah amen Jesus yeller, that would truly turn people away from you if anyone had to witness me that way.

My followers and audience are discerning, most of them are truly good people even without the church. They have far less problems than many many imperfect Christians that we know. I must take my time to allow Your transformation, because there are spectators observing my growth in You. I will walk in Your footprints that was laid out for me. Thank You for this clear direction.

Please always appear in my days, the high and the low, the great and the ugly, always rein me back to You – never let me go.

Thank You for my new website!!

I have a very huge journey ahead. It is frightening and I do get visited by doubts, yet You have made it clear – sending messages from all directions and using everyone I know to deliver Your amazing Providence.

You know I am a tough cookie, so You place someone soft with a mighty testimony in my path, and positioned each incident to disable my yakuza mechanisms. Through all that, You made me see that some of the most ridiculous promises can be possible. You give much wealth and fruitfulness to Your faithful children! I want to work very hard for your favours. And since it can be too heavy for me to carry the folks around me, please carry them too. Everyone around me deserves wild blessings, for You have used them to keep me afloat till this day and continue to do so.

My heart is filled with gratitude just as my days are filled with Your handiwork.
I give thanks for all this in the name of You the Father, You the Son and most amazing of all, You the Holy Spirit of mighty whispers!!


Nisi Dominus Frustra
Without God All is in Vain



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