Contemporary artist Poesy Liang is launching an e-commerce store with a fashion line Pink Yakuza, this is her second line after POEZ Jewellers. 


Website launch date November 11th 2020

The website will open on November 11th for Christimas pre-orders to anticipate delayed delivery due to the CMCO.


Reward Crowdfunding with pitchIN 11/11/2020 – 12/11/2020

Pink Yakuza is also entering into a month-long crowdfunding campaign with pitchIN Malaysia where 3 campaign exclusive limited edition items designed by the artist is on offer. You may support this Malaysian and get a personal shoutout from the Pink Yakuza Instagram @ilovepinkyakuza account at RM11 only. On the top of her list of rewards are also her printed editions and original artworks.



Liang has been designing her own outfits to appear on all her international spotlights adorning gems from the POEZ Jewellers collection. POEZ is Liang’s brand of fine jewellery that she has been designing since 2004. Liang is also a luxury home and lifestyle designer. 
Among her international list of clients are Dr. BK Modi of India, Joshua Kulei of Kenya, and a few Malaysian Forbes listed families, to name some.
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Interviewing the Jeweller 

Why a fashion line now?

Liang says, “People still need to look nice when they work from home on their video conferences, so I felt that the time was apt to make my designs available to a wider range of audience by designing fashion accessories that are affordable and easy to ship worldwide. Many people (including me) have morphed into becoming online shopaholics and I would love to attract screen conscious folks all over the world to join the Pink Yakuza tribe.”
“Earlier I resisted the urge to start a fashion line because I did not want to deal with physical stores, consignments with department stores, and the distribution channel to bring it to market. But with the recent pandemic, consumer behaviour has truly shifted online and now I can just do this through a website.” 

Why November 11th?

“November 11th 1918 was when WW1 ended. We celebrate it as Armistice Day. My social portfolio mainly aims to raise the level of compassion, kindness & empathy amongst my audience, to reduce disharmony and the discord that comes with modern living.. so the message resonate greatly with the end of war and the beginning of world peace – so I always launch good news on November 11th”, says Liang.



Why Pink Yakuza?

Liang grew up in a notorious neighbourhood (of Jalan Imbi) in downtown Kuala Lumpur and was given the nickname Miss Yakuza.
Excerpts from the pitchIN crowdfunding page..

“Since I was a young girl, I am used to speaking with gangsters. It is impossible to know who gave me the nickname Miss Yakuza. Sure I have always been an impatient girl, but I am also the founder of an international movement of random kindness, Helping Angels 善行天使 – due to my neighbourhood connections, I make naughty people do good things.”


Pink is the new black.


Liang was awarded Her World Woman of the Year 2011, Newman Creative Pioneer Johnnie Walker Philanthropy Award 2013, 旭茉JESSICA Most Successful Women 2014 最成功女性 2014, CLEO L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth 2015, and was a NTV7 Bella Heart Nominee 2013 for her humanitarian movements.




“This terrible pandemic has swept the world with tragedy. It will ground me till next August. I have nowhere to go, no planes to catch, no international appearances to make. Many people have lost their livelihood and I heard this unmistakable calling to create job opportunities for my fellow Malaysians. Along the way I want to scale globally and offer a stepping stone for our local young creatives to thrive”, says Liang.



HerWORLD Woman of the Year 2011



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