Once upon a time, there was a frog named Splash. He loves the water and making gigantic splashes.

He would jump from a rock and land on the water with a SPLASH! Sometimes he would climb really high to perfect his jumping stunt. Most of the time, he likes to perch on a lotus leave and off he jumps, over and over again.

Splash is a lively little frog. Whenever he was happy, he would go to his favorite lotus pond. It is not uncommon to see him do his famous 5 STAR FROG SPLASH. Whenever he was feeling sad, Splash would go to that same pond to practice his SPLASHES till he cheers up. Rain or shine, little Splash would splash the waters because he liked it so. There was nothing that could stop him from doing his favorite thing everyday.

Little fishes are really frightened of Splash.

One day, Splash was in high spirits and decided to do his favorite splash in his favorite pond. When he arrived at the pond, all the little fishes hid behind their little rocks away from Splash. They were afraid of his reckless stunts.

Splash found a good lotus leaf and decided to use it as a splashing platform. He jumped onto one leaf, then another, then another before he leaps and then, SPLASH! Into the water he goes. He did it once. Jump, jump, jump, he goes, SPLASH!

Little frog Splash was happy. He did it twice. Jump, jump, jump, he goes, SPLASH again! That was a good one.

All the little fishes would look from behind their safe little rocks. The birdies in the trees would perch high above in the branches to watch Splash show off his dangerous stunt. He did it trice. Jump, jump, jump, he goes, SPLASH again! Not bad at all.

Splash wanted to do an even better one.

Just then, a busy turtle was swimming along underwater. Jump, jump, jump, SPLASH goes… splash-BOINK! There was a very loud collision.

Splash had hit his head on the busy turtle’s back and had fainted. It was an accident.

“OH NO! Poor frog Splash”, the little fishes and birdies cried. The fainted frog just laid there. Nothing could wake him up.

The turtle was very upset at what had happened. She carried Splash to shore on her back.

“Are you alright? Please wake up frog Splash. I am sorry that my back hurt your head.” The turtle tried her best to nurse the fainted frog. There was a big painful bruise on the frog’s head.

Splash slept for a long time and the turtle prayed. One day, his bruise healed and Splash woke up. He found the worried turtle nursing him.

“Are you my friend?” Splash asked the turtle.

“Yes, my name is turtle Splart. Oh, I am so happy you are awake.” the turtle answered and told Splash what had happened to them.

Splash said, “Don’t be sorry turtle Splart. I should be more careful next  time.”

Splash and Splart became very good friends after that and had many great adventures together.





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