A year ago today, I threw the first art party at Abundantia.
This was the type of underground events I was planning to bring with me to Downtown LA had my plans to relocate to USA worked out.

Looking at the situation with the world now, I am so grateful that I stayed back in Malaysia.
I named it Sunset Beats because the sunsets at Abundantia is legendary and it truly reminds me of the sunsets of Los Angeles.
Pairing a tap-dancer (specifically Jojo Struys) with an awesome drummer has been a show I wanted to produce since I witnessed her mad skills back in 2012. It took 9 years for me to actuaries this and it was never too late!!
The opportunity arrived when I stumbled upon the brilliant Tony Parker (Leehom’s concert drummer) at Chip’s CNY 2020 party. After a drunk conversation and a severe bout of hangover, we promised to collaborate. I switched on every persuasive button there was.

This party was one milestone to remember and it happened on March 5th, 2021. As we know it, shortly after this, the world entered into lockdown.



I don’t need to be a party animal, but when I do party, I make sure it is worthwhile for everyone. It was a big deal for me, all the people who made it to Abundantia that day.








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