The world is in lockdown right now due to this age of pandemic, so I entered into a season of full steam production to create a number of books for Harry Putter, as well as some digital animated works and an animation short. Here is a nursery rhyme to share with the world ahead of time.


Once there was an artist girl
Who painted rooftops everyday

All the roofs she has ever seen
On canvas she paints away 
Her paintings tend to come alive
But no one had a clue
When she closes her eyes at night
Only her rooftops knew
Shining under her moonlit sky
In enchanting atmosphere
Once her moon comes a full circle

Her rooftop cats appear
Everyday she painted roofs
Nothing could stop her
Who knew what could happen next
But a storm would interfere
Rainwater started to drip
Some landed on her nose..
Many leaks were in the ceiling!
The ceiling were full of holes..
Drip drip drippety-drip..
Water dripped on her head!
Dripping-drip-drip-drip it goes..
Even on her bed..
The artist girl stopped painting now
She just wanted to cry
Rain got into all her paintings..
Nothing under her roof was dry
Her rooftop cats played in the rain..
But her roof started to crumble
For days and weeks it rained nonstop
Skies poured in downward tumble
The artist girl cried by herself
She thought no one could hear
A rooftop cat with pointy ears
Within her painting was near
His face popped out to look at her
But no one had a clue
Do you know what he did next?
Only her rooftops knew
The rooftop cat took a little walk
And jumped right out of her painting
Made a descent to the ground
Where the world began drying
He sauntered through the busy streets
And found his way through her gate
He did a funny dance and purred
She was laughing by half past eight
The artist girl stopped being sad
Her rooftop cat came to stay
Why is his name Harry Putter
A story for another day!



Harry Putter grew up to become a famous cat. You can join him on Clubhouse  https://www.clubhouse.com/join/famous-cat/MicLplta



Rhyme storytelling is an alchemy that I left inside an invisible drawer of my mind and had completely forgotten about it.
I had a truly giggly time writing this, so I hope you derived some giddy joy reading it out loud.




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